The band, Dissident Square was born after the percussionist Dorian and the clarinetist Vincent met in 2011. Both passionate about sound experimentation and musical research, they graduated from the High School of Music in Geneva, and soon starting to performed in many classical concerts with orchestra, chamber music, whilst also being invited to join various performances as soloists in recitals across France and abroad.


Onstage, eclecticism, musical freedom and openness of improvisation can offer a varied and dynamic performance with a unique blend of traditional and exotic sounds, breaks hip hop, scratch, drones, sub-bass and electronic processing in real time...

Their work led them to search and produce music taken from mysterious sounds and electronic processing. Using turntables to sample and scratch, they rework old jazz records with drum breaks played live. This eventually led them in creating their own musical style and sound signature: adding a funky oldschool touch to clarinet and Balinese gangsa musical pieces.


Escaping the constraints of the usual artistic codes, Dissident Square is always improvising remains at the heart of every live performance.

The duo finds its creative roots in jazz and world music from India, Indonesia and Asia Minor.
Their acoustic creative pieces are complemented by electronica, hip-hop and drum'n bass sounds.
Ultimately, the audience is taken on an emotional and ethereal journey fuelling the imagination.